Welcome to Riverbend Cottage

Discover Serenity at Riverbend Cottage: Your Escape to Nature's Embrace

Embark on a journey to the enchanting retreat of Riverbend Cottage, nestled in the heart of the Pisgah National Forest. Here, nature's serenity intertwines seamlessly with the warmth of cozy comfort, promising an experience as diverse as the surrounding landscape.

A Symphony of Nature's Sounds: Let the soothing melody of the river's gentle flow and the rustling leaves create the perfect soundtrack to your escape. Riverbend Cottage beckons you to unwind, offering a haven where tranquility knows no bounds.

Inviting Coziness: Revel in the heartwarming embrace of a fully stocked kitchen, inviting you to craft delightful meals for yourself and your loved ones. Riverbend Cottage is not just a place; it's a culinary canvas where memories are made with every shared meal.

Pet-Friendly Bliss: Bring your furry companions along for the adventure. Riverbend Cottage is a pet-friendly haven, ensuring that the entire family, including your four-legged friends, can revel in the natural surroundings and peaceful ambiance.

Outdoor Bliss on the Laurel River Trail: For the adventure-seekers, the nearby Laurel River Trail invites you to explore picturesque surroundings. Each step on this trail is a journey of reconnection with nature, a testament to the endless wonders awaiting just beyond your doorstep.

Riverside Serenity and Stargazing Wonder: Awaken to breathtaking views, with the river's continuous murmur lulling you into a deep, peaceful slumber. On moonless nights, witness a celestial spectacle as bright stars trace their journey across the expansive sky, creating a mesmerizing stargazing experience.

A Tradition of Cozy Memories: Join the ranks of those who have turned Riverbend Cottage into their favorite vacation spot, returning year after year. This charming retreat promises years of cherished memories, where the waterside becomes the backdrop to your story.

Versatile Retreat Tailored to You: Whether you seek a tranquil stroll, a sip of relaxation, or a complete disconnect from the world, Riverbend Cottage molds itself to your desires. It's not just a place to stay; it's a versatile retreat curated for your bliss.

Your Invitation to Enchantment: Riverbend Cottage isn't merely a destination; it's an invitation to escape, unwind, and create lasting memories in the embrace of nature's beauty. With each positive review echoing the wonders of this hidden gem, the allure of Riverbend Cottage is irresistible. Answer the call of tranquility, embark on new adventures, and let the enchantment of this woodland retreat captivate your soul. Your perfect getaway awaits at Riverbend Cottage—heed the call.


Bedroom 1: One Queen and a single bed.
Bedroom 2: Two double sized beds.

Kitchen: A fully equipped kitchen welcomes you with dishes, utensils, and all your cooking necessities. Enjoy the ease of preparing meals in a thoughtfully arranged kitchen space. Coffee machine compatible with Keurig and ground coffee. Please bring your own coffee/Keurigs cups.

Bathroom: Unwind in a bathroom equipped with a shower for your daily rejuvenation.
Convenient washer and dryer available for laundry needs during your stay.
Linen Comfort:

Bed and bathroom linens are provided, ensuring a cozy and hassle-free experience.

Living Room: A wood-burning fireplace sets a tranquil mood. Internet connected TV allows you to use your favorite streaming services.

Back Porch: Savor outdoor meals on the picnic table and cook dinner on the outdoor charcoal grill. (Charcoal not provided)

Front Porch: Lounge in the screened-in front porch, allowing you to connect with nature in comfort.

HVAC: Stay comfortable with a central gas furnace and air-conditioning, adapting to the changing seasons.

Internet: Enjoy the convenience of Fiber Optic Internet and WiFi, seamlessly blending connectivity with the calm of the wilderness.